Business review


It can be difficult to have an impartial view on your business's strength and weaknesses, and how to find that competitive edge that will make you stand out. 


Get in-depth analysis and recommendations for your business, focussing on 3 core aspects:

  • Your product - listing health, pricing strategy, competitive analysis, customer interaction.

  • Your property distribution - channel distribution and optimisation, guest acquisition strategy, role of technology in distribution.

  • Your Operations and Technology - workflow analysis, use of technology to automate and scale your business.

You might be interested if you are...

A Vacation Rental Owner or Property Manager looking to have a clear view of your listing quality and develop a strategy to grow revenue.

A newcomer in the industry looking to broaden your knowledge on how to be successful in the accommodation sector.


Business development projects

The need to remain competitive, grow, and adapt is stronger than ever. During these challenging times, we have seen businesses disappear, while others that have been able to pivot and explore new opportunities are thriving. 

BonjourConsulting becomes an extension of your business and works closely with you, acquiring comprehensive knowledge of your product or service to promote it to new clients and grow your revenue.  

You might be interested if you are...

A hospitality SaaS wanting to grow your presence in the French or UK market.

A property manager looking to grow your inventory.

An existing hospitality business opening a new line of product/service that you wish to promote and sell.


Sales Training



     Most companies only look to grow their volume of enquiries -  smart companies look at ways to increase their conversion.

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

As the first point of contact with your guests, your sales and reservations teams need to have the right tools to turn enquiries into bookings. 

Well-trained teams are the quickest way to grow your revenue by increasing your conversion. Success in sales will help them feel more motivated, and reduce team turnover.  


The sales training sessions (half-day or full-day, face to face in England or online) are adapted to your team’s needs. Some of the modules that can be covered:


  • The power of asking the right questions and personalising your interactions.

  • Overcoming objections to close a deal.

  • The power of USPs - how and when to use them.

You might be interested if you are...


A company involved in the hospitality and tourism sector that want to grow its team's skills and boost revenue.

Hotels that wish to develop a front desk guest up-selling programme.


A dissatisfied customer can not only damage your reputation, but also your revenue, and have an impact on your team's morale.

With the power of social media, businesses should make their customer satisfaction a priority.


The customer service training sessions (half-day or full-day, face to face in England or online) will give your team the confidence and passion to deliver a 5-star experience every time. 

Some of the modules include:


  • Create or revamp your customer journey - touchpoints and setting up of NPS scores.

  • Dealing with challenging situations - listen, empathise, and create positive outcomes.

  • Understanding cultural differences and adapt to them.

  • Review management.

You might be interested if you are...

A Hospitality businesses looking to improve the quality of your interactions with customers, in a measurable way.


Small businesses cannot compete with large vacation rentals groups' marketing budgets - their best tool to grow revenue is to keep a high satisfaction rate.

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

Customer service Training